Summary of Part 2 Tweets

I thought I could have done a lot better at tweeting but I did put out alot of tweets covering topics on and off campus.

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My Top Tweets:

My top tweets happened in March, March 1st and 3rd to be exact. The top two tweets are from  when I went to San Francisco. The reason why these tweets are so popular was because I tagged accounts that have more followers which help branch out the tweet. top tweets

Favorite Tweet:

If I had to pick a tweet as my favorite  it would be the tweet about AT&T Park  because of the experiences I had at that tour. As well as meeting  Jen Eisenmann and Shana Daurm.Tweet Set 6

It was one of the top tweets of the second half but could have done a lot better in  terms as clicks and retweets.


When I mention people in tweets  they seem to be really successful with the proof above.The top tweets all have mentions. No one has mentioned me really so I would say that the mentions have produced better then someone mentioning me.


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