Data story

The article that I found was released in September 2016 so might be a little dated but has an interesting way of putting  data onto a chart. The article was written by Bruce Schoenfeld of the New York Time.

nyt The article starts as a narrative of how Schoenfeld and Pirate radio commentator  David Todd are tweeting about Andrew McCutchen and his fielding stats. Schoenfeld uses a tool called Statcast, which measures speed and accuracy developed to analyze players movements and athletic abilities. The article then goes through how all teams are working with a company called Major League baseball Advanced Media or BAM for short. he then compares how Statcast churn out information but then say that Daren Willman who is an analyst at Major League Baseball Advanced Media, said that BAM can fill 21,000 rows on a spreadsheet. A part of the article I  really liked is the data from Daren Willman who showed a spray chart showing Jose Altuve’s hitting stats.


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