Death to the Sailor


New York– Joseph Clark, a sailor was  sentenced to death today for the murder of Officer George T. Gillespie on July 10th.The murder happened across the street from  68 Oliver Street  at around 1 o’clock in the morning. Gillespie came to the scene while on patrol with Officer Micheal Sullivan to break up what Sullivan thought was a fight.

Both officers told the group of seven to eight men to disperse, while some of the men did others stayed. While Gillespie was standing in the alley-way  Clark came up behind him and struck Gillespie in the back of the head. Gillespie was pronounced dead at the hospital later that day and had a crack in the back of his head from ear to ear.

THE WEAPON Clark struck Gillespie in the back of the head which measures about 4 feet long and had the width of a man’s arm. Clark struck Gillespie three times, once when Gillespie entered the alley  and twice when he was on the ground.

Clark had nothing to say ” but I did not intend to kill the man, that is all I have to say.”

SENTENCING OF A SAILOR Judge J. Mitchell sentenced Clark to hang ” by his neck until you be dead” on Friday, November 21st.

“I don’t care so much for being hung as i do about eating a bad breakfast, for I had no intention of killing the man when I stuck him,” said  Clark.


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