5 Twitter accounts to follow


Journalists  of current day society love to use social media to express their opinion or to report news to he or she’s followers. Here are a few accounts you should follow :

  1. @jlori– This handle belongs to Professor Jose Luis Orihuela who teaches at the University of Navarra. Orihuela is also a public speaker and writer and is constantly  updating his twitter with all the latest information in digital media.
  2.  @poynter – This account is run by Alexios Mantzarlis, Ben Mullin, and Kristen Hare who all work for poynter as director, managing editor and reporter. (in order as listed before) These three keep the account full of information on current situations whether its retweeted or tweeted out by themselves.
  3. @anto_l – Antoine Laurent is a Media Innovation Strategist, currently an Executive Director of the French Google-AIPG fund. Laurent is always tweeting about innovation strategies while still being a journalist. He tweets and retweets and is still active on twitter.
  4. @journalismnew– journalism.co.uk is the owner of this handle and it’s stationed out of Brighton, United Kingdom and keeps its 135 thousand followers up to date with all the latest information of media innovation and all the latest update on digital tools.
  5. @glitchdigital – Glitch Digital is based out of London, England, the company’s twitter mainly focuses on retweeting info put out by other sources but one thing that they have for them is their blog. The blog has information on all types of digital tools and different stories from around the digital journalism community.

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